Colinton Australia is a supplier of fine quality, Australian PURE MOHAIR Unbrushed 2-ply hand knitting and crochet yarns. The fiber processing and product distribution is based in the USA. Although Colinton Australia is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, the owner is American by birth having lived in Australia since 1993.

Our operations focus on sourcing the finest quality fibers, custom spinning and technically advanced dye operations. The logistics are complicated and time consuming (at least two years from farm to store – having pre-ordered fiber supply well in advance), however in the years that we have been in operation – it remains our primary goal to provide the market a unique yarn which we have built our reputation on!  We feel that the most important aspect is that the yarn bases are ‘right’!  Get this part correct (at the same time strive to perfect the administrative support), then enhance this with great colors, detailed patterns and innovative products!